2016-04-01 Here goes the changelog!

I’ve been procrastinating this update for so long that I may not remember everything I added :). What eventually pushed me over the edge was that the Vultr server ran out of bandwidth and I had to take the website offline. And because it was offline already I didn’t have any excuse left to upgrade the software to the newest version.

So first I got in contact with someone who offered to host pixeldrain a few months ago. He’s a real nice guy and is very excited about keeping the website running at all times. The server is now based in America, along the west coast I believe. This means that it will be slightly less responsive for us Europeans. The Russians might be the ones suffering the most from this, and they make up the biggest part of my user base :P. I’ve been testing for a while now, and the speed decrease is not that bad at all.

So here goes the changelog:

  • Accounts system, you can now access your uploaded files from anywhere around the planet as long as you can memorize your password 😉
  • Cloudflare and SSL, yay for security and speed! Cloudflare has an upload size limitation of 100 MB though, I’m looking for ways to work around that, it will be solved very soon, I promise.
  • New design. It’s slightly brighter, and looks better during daytime 😛
  • New background patterns (Have you noticed? 😉
  • Speed improvements. I spent a lot of time optimizing the database and controller methods, I’m pretty sure it can handle any load now.
  • New API features. Though they are undocumented, working on that..
  • The file viewer page should be more mobile friendly now. Double tap an image to enlarge it. I haven’t gotten it to work on firefox for android yet, it is somehow ignoring my doubletap events.
  • Keyboard shortcuts. When viewing a file click “Details” to view them. There is also one undocumented one, press CTRL + S on https://pixeldra.in/t to upload your text file.
  • List downloading. When viewing a list of files you can click the “Download all files” button in the toolbar to, well, download all the files. Or press SHIFT + S, which does the same. It gets streamed to your browser as a zip file, and that while the server is still packaging it. It’s really quick!
  • Thumbnails! I finally got it to work reliably, there are tons of annoying bugs in Java which make the default image processing library practically useless, so I resorted to my best buddy ImageMagick. It’s fast as hell! All image files of under 10 MB in size will be converted to a 100*100 px PNG.
  • I re-factored a lot of stuff. But you as the user will probably not notice any of that..
  • A shiny new account page with a bandwidth counter to keep track of how much more you can upload.
  • Probably more too, but I can’t remember everything

Have fun and spread the word 🙂

2016-04-01 Here goes the changelog!

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